Until December

I will always write about December. I will always wonder about that specific point time started evaporating so fast – and life became so unfair.

Love (Minus Me)

                   “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind – and love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus gave us a pretty simple summary of Moses’ Ten… Continue reading

Here’s What’s Stopping You from Living in the Moment

Let the past teach you. Let the future compel you. Love, appreciate, and enjoy today for what it is – there will never be another one like it.

A Birthday Message

  “The truth is that I am sometimes so selfish that I haven’t imagined myself being in the slightest sense sweet, kind, or generous to anyone else. This is a side of me… Continue reading

Leaving Neverland: Reluctantly Coming to Terms with Adulthood

       Within the colossal revolving door of the world, all you have for yourself is only one slice. Life has trapped you inside ever since you breathed your first. Years abduct… Continue reading

The struggle is real, and it’s a good sign

    You’ve made bad investments in the past. You’ve been hurt. You’ve been disenchanted by love – that when it’s mutual, it’s going to be happy; that when it feels good, it’s… Continue reading

quiet, be still

      “A great windstorm arose, and the waves were breaking into the boat, so that the boat was already filling.”     The violent winds stormed forth and the boat tiptoed… Continue reading

An Attempt at Description

         Rhetoric, at least in the spoken sense, has never been my expertise. I’m the kind of person who mentally gapes at people whose line of thinking is as straight… Continue reading

Lost and Found: A Lone Traveler’s Wandering Thoughts in Japan

     12 a.m.-ish, March 18 –          Instead of a hot bowl of Ichiran’s signature ramen, I’ve got a cold katsu meal from Family Mart hanging around the handle… Continue reading

Friend, Mag-Move On Ka Na Ngayong 2016

                “It’s better to cheat than to repeat.”               Sa libu-libong beses na nagamit ‘to ng mga estudyante sa buong Pilipinas at marahil sa ibang parte na rin ng mundo,… Continue reading